Alumni Spotlights

Since 1936, almost 1400 students have graduated from our department.

Our alumni are a wonderful resource, and we are interested in their pilgrimage following graduation. Over the years, many of our alumni have deceased; many are retired or are nearing retirement; many are actively engaged in mid-stream careers, and many are just entering the “real world”.

It is important to us that we know where our alumni are located currently and what they are doing. ALUM (Auburn Alumni Association) provides information on how to join/renew your Alumni Association membership and enjoy all member benefits. This also helps us keep track of where our former students are now. We will maintain a hard copy of a departmental Alumni Directory in our office. You can help us keep this Directory current by completing the questions here. This Directory serves no other purpose than what was mentioned above. Thanks for your help!

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Photo of Wes Cumbie
Wes Cumbie
ABOUT WES Though Wes Cumbie did not grow up on a farm, he has been surrounded by and involved in agriculture…
Photo of Annette Bitto
Annette Bitto
John Deere Territory Manager — Marietta, Georgia …
Photo of Mike Rowe
Mike Rowe
President and CEO of Precision Kia of Wesley Chapel — Tampa, Florida President and CEO of Gulf Coast Turf and…
Photo of Drew Ratterman
Drew Ratterman
HIGHLIGHTS Education: Agricultural Business and Economics Graduation: 1996 Current Position: Workforce Leader Current Location: Indianapolis, IN WHAT ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES? …
Photo of Chastity Stevenson Westry
Chastity Stevenson Westry
 HIGHLIGHTS Education: Agricultural Business and Economics Graduation: 1997 Current Position: Senior Director of Sales at Frito Lay/Pepsico, Inc. Current Location:…
Photo of Boles Pegues
Boles Pegues
Executive Vice President & Board Director, River Bank & Trust — Auburn, Alabama…
Photo of William Hurd
William Hurd
Battalion Operations Officer for the 711th Brigade Support Battalion — Mobile, Alabama…
Photo of Bart Smith
Bart Smith
Bart is a combat mission ready pilot and officer serving at the leisure of the President of the United States…
Photo of Jared Batte
Jared Batte
Software Consultant for Quorum Business Solutions — Houston, Texas…


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Cameron Humphrey
Graduate Student, Yale University