• 2014 – Ph.D. Economics, State University of New York at Binghamton
  • 2011 – M.A. Economics, State University of New York at Binghamton
  • 2009 – B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics and Management, Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics, Auburn University, June 2016 – present
  • Assistant Professor of Economics, St. Lawrence University, August 2014 – May 2016

Professional Affiliations

  • Agricultural and Applied Economics Association
  • American Economic Association
  • International Association for Applied Econometrics
  • Society for Economic Measurement
  • The Econometric Society

Honors and Awards

  • Associate Editor, Empirical Economics, February 2018 – present

Research Activities

Dr. Malikov’s research interests primarily lie at the intersection of econometrics (quantitative/statistical methods) and production economics. His current research focuses on the issues pertaining to (i) productivity and efficiency analysis, (ii) modeling of production processes in the presence of socially and economically undesirable outputs such as pollution, (iii) valuation of adverse effects of non-marketable environmental disamenities, (iv) estimation of the climate change effects on agriculture, (v) analysis of structure of the financial services industry (including banks, credit unions and microfinance institutions) and (vi) semi/nonparametric estimation and testing techniques for longitudinal data with spatial dependence. Dr. Malikov is an associate editor of Empirical Economics.

Courses Taught

  • AGEC-8690 Microeconometrics II
  • AGEC-8080 Production Economics II
  • AGEC-7590 Introduction to Agricultural Econometrics

Select Publications

  • Sun, Y., and Malikov, E. (Forthcoming). “Estimation and Inference in Functional-Coefficient Spatial Autoregressive Panel Data Models with Fixed Effects”, Journal of Econometrics
  • Malikov, E., Restrepo-Tobon, D.A., and Kumbhakar, S.C. (Forthcoming). “Heterogeneous Credit Union Production Technologies with Endogenous Switching and Correlated Effects”, Econometric Reviews
  • Malikov, E., Zhao, S., and Kumbhakar, S.C. (2017). “Economies of Diversification in the U.S. Credit Union Sector”, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 32(7): 1329-1347
  • Malikov, E. and Sun, Y. (2017). “Semiparametric Estimation and Testing of Smooth Coefficient Spatial Autoregressive Models”, Journal of Econometrics, 199(1): 12-34
  • Malikov, E., Kumbhakar, S.C., and Tsionas, E.G. (2016). “A Cost System Approach to the Stochastic Directional Technology Distance Function with Undesirable Outputs: The Case of U.S. Banks in 2001-2010”, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 31(7): 1407-1429
  • Malikov, E. (2016). “Dynamic Responses to Oil Price Shocks: Conditional vs. Unconditional (A)symmetry”, Economics Letters, 139: 31-35
  • Malikov, E., Kumbhakar, S.C., and Sun, Y. (2016). “Varying Coefficient Panel Data Model in the Presence of Endogenous Selectivity and Fixed Effects”, Journal of Econometrics, 190(2): 233-251
  • Tsionas, E.G., Kumbhakar, S.C., and Malikov, E. (2015). “Estimation of Input Distance Functions: A System Approach”, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 97(5): 1478-1493