Loka-Ashwood-156x235Loka Ashwood

Assistant Professor

Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology 

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Loka Ashwood is an assistant professor at Auburn University in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology. She writes about the relationship of people to their rural and environmental surroundings, with the politics of justice weaving a common thread across her work. She’s worked on designing participatory solutions to water pollution by drawing on the diverse knowledge of experts in many forms: local, governmental, and scholarly. Her recent scholarship on large hog confinements documents the use of legal strategies by farmer-investors to sidestep democratic processes in siting facilities. Loka’s co-editing a Special Issue in the Journal of Rural Studieson the rural as a dimension of environmental injustice. She currently is writing a book that documents the alternative politics of rural protest that affront conjoined corporate and state environmental injustices.