Photo of Annette Bitto

Annette Bitto


John Deere Territory Manager


Marietta, Georgia


Annette studied history and public administration as an undergraduate, but says she was fortunate because many of her public administration hours came from agricultural economics and rural sociology. Her exposure to the “good folks in Comer Hall” led Dr. Joseph Molnar to encourage her to sign up for the agricultural business and economics master’s program as his research assistant.

Annette received her doctorate from Iowa State University and then went to work for John Deere Credit in risk analytics focusing on crop insurance. After two years, Annette accepted the position of product marketing manager for cotton harvesting equipment at John Deere Des Moines Works where she had the privilege of bringing the 7760 cotton picker to life. After 18 months, she was then assigned to her current position as territory manager in Marietta, Georgia, where she works with John Deere dealers in Georgia and South Carolina.

Annette has had numerous opportunities and experiences with John Deere where she continues to work with some of the best farmers, engineers and business people in the agricultural industry.


As a student, Annette worked at the Ralph Brown Draughon Library and later for the Auburn Athletics Department. She was actively involved in St. Michael’s Parish and the Auburn Chamber of Commerce. Annette was also on the Glomerata staff for two years in addition to playing intramural sports.