Ruiqing Miao

Assistant Professor


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I am interested in using various economic tools to study policy and market driven issues associated with U.S. agriculture and its interaction with the environment. My research has focused on three areas:

First, agricultural policy analysis. In this area I mainly examine how the US federal crop insurance program affects various aspects of agricultural production, including land use, water use, crop yields, and even agricultural innovation.

The second area is to study the interaction between agricultural production and the environment. For instance, I’ve looked at how crop yields respond to weather variation and how pesticide use affects bird biodiversity in the US. Recently, I am studying the optimal balance between food production and water quality with a focus on Mississippi River Basin and Yellow River Basin.

Last but not least, I am interested in examining the role of ambiguity preferences in people’s decision making. A current application of the analysis is to understand the relationship between date labels on food items and consumers’ food waste behavior.