Agricultural Business and Economics Major

(B.S. Degree Program)

To cope with the diversity and complexity of today’s agriculture, men and women need strong backgrounds in the business and economic concepts that relate to agriculture, agribusiness, marketing, and the management of natural resources. Also, a technical knowledge of agriculture and a broad-based background in the life sciences is highly desired by employers. Such training is available in Auburn University’s Agricultural Business and Economics curriculum (AGEC), which is administered by the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology. Whether you are interested in agribusiness, farming, finance and credit, government service, resource and environmental economics, international agriculture, education, or your own business, this program offers opportunities for you.

The curriculum provides flexibility for the student to pursue individual interests while developing expertise in marketing, data analysis, production agriculture, business, resource management, rural development and economics. A faculty advisory system allows each student to receive personal attention in developing a program of study. During the freshman and sophomore years, basic science, liberal arts, and business courses are emphasized. Upper-level courses focus more on specialty areas, such as finance, law, trade, management, marketing, prices, resources, and policy.

Agricultural Business and Economics Curriculum Model